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About CRUD

CRUD stands for Create Read Update Delete

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The Crud builder is user friendly and it is easily accessible and customizable. This feature makes it more impressive. In the Crud builder whatever the field required we can add it easily and can be deleted. Hence, the CRUD GUI Builder saves your time on repetitive tasks. In the Builders the form can be easily created by just dragging the fields into the Form Name column. A clear required data form can easily created by using Form Builders. The other column in the Builders is Form Builders 2 in which the HTML code for the creation of form is given which makes the template customized. The other feature in the Builders is Button Builder by which we can have required size and color of button with different types of icons inside the button. The other feature is Page Builder which builds the page in required layout of the page with different styles of columns in the page.

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The more I'm working with this template the more I like it. I'm backend developer but when doing fullstack need some extra help for all the visual part. This template, with all the examples build in, makes it super easy to build a tool in short time. I will be following the work of this developer, good results.


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This is a great product! Looking forward to working with the Josh template now and in the future :)


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Great function and great support ! You will gain a lot of time when developing a Laravel app


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