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Josh Features

Josh Template has Awesome Features
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Josh Admin Template comes with three versions - HTML, Laravel and Material version.

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Josh Admin Template has attractive and well designed Frontend pages which are completely Responsive. Josh has frontend pages in blade format with master layouts.

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Backend Applications in the Josh Admin Template are developed by Laravel which is customizable and the backend information can be easily migrated to frontend without any extra code.

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Material Version

Josh also has Material Version for its backend following material principles which makes easy usage of pages. Josh provides consistence experience across all platforms and applications.

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Josh comes with Laravel that saves a lot of time if you're developing a website from scratch. As Josh is built using laravel, it comes with authentication by default.

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As a developer, we spend lot of time doing mundane tasks like CRUD operations but with josh, you can have a working crud module in few minutes.

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Josh Admin Template is built with Bootstrap which is user friendly and completely Web Responsive. The customized feel and look of bootstrap can be attained by using SaSS.

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Spark Skin

Whenever we create a new Laravel app, we can recreate the functionality just by using Laravel Spark. It makes SaSS applications easy to use and also handles user authentication.

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User Management

All the user access features like Login, User Registration and Editing can be managed through this User Management system. Forgotten Password can also be retrieved from this feature.

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Advanced Datatables

Advanced Datatables have great features of toggling, rearranging data, Dropdown Column search, Data Scrolling, hiding extra data are available. That makes data analysis easy.

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Custom Datatables

Data is retrieved from backend by using AJAX and filters like Data Range Filter, Selection Filter and Custom Filter are provided for easy access and analysis of data.

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Log Viewer

All the laravel errors raised in the project can be shown in the Log viewer, such that errors can be identified easily for universal error management in a project.

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Activity Logger

User Activity in the website can be logged through Activity Log such as Login, Edit and Logout. Some more custom activities can be added by using documentation.

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Laravel Charts

Dynamic charts are newly added in the Charts section. The data is displayed in different charts like Bar Chart, Database Chart and Pie Chart for easy analysis of data.

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Select2 Filter

Data in the database is retrieved in the drop down dynamically. Github repository can also be migrated in Select2 filter. Dropdown only shows related data in order to reduce burden on database.

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Mini Sidebar

Here comes Minisidebar. However, sidebar can be used as both normal sidebar and mini sidebar. Mini Sidebar gives impressive page layout with brief information in a minimal way.


Checkout Our Customers Testimonials

The more I'm working with this template the more I like it. I'm backend developer but when doing fullstack need some extra help for all the visual part. This template, with all the examples build in, makes it super easy to build a tool in short time. I will be following the work of this developer, good results.


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This is a great product! Looking forward to working with the Josh template now and in the future :)


Codecanyon user star-image

Great function and great support ! You will gain a lot of time when developing a Laravel app


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