Version 5.12.8

Below are the Latest Updates from Josh


Fixed issues in

  • 1.)Dropdown page
  • 2.)Slider page
  • 3.)log-viewer page
  • 4.)crud builder
  • 5.)Carousel
  • 6.)Datepicker min and max date
  • 7.)Jtables missing images issue.
  • 8.)Advanced table2 page
  • 9.)Fixed file upload issues in multiple file uploads,dropzone pages
  • 10.)Fixed UI alignments in dropdown page.

Improved Files List

  • 1.)Select2 filter page.
  • 2.)Modified Gallery page images.
  • 3.)Modified fancybox paths in portfolio and gallery pages
  • 4.)Modified parllax images


  • 1.)Image validations for blog,news and user pages in admin sections

Laravel55 Version

  • 1.converted bower to yarn packages.
  • 2.Fixed fort.js package issue


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The more I'm working with this template the more I like it. I'm backend developer but when doing fullstack need some extra help for all the visual part. This template, with all the examples build in, makes it super easy to build a tool in short time. I will be following the work of this developer, good results.


Codecanyon user star-image

This is a great product! Looking forward to working with the Josh template now and in the future :)


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Great function and great support ! You will gain a lot of time when developing a Laravel app


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